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Before any construction can begin, the man cave must be put into order.  That means finishing up the Cobra winter project list and making a few tables.

 Arial view of the hangar looking left.  There's a customized Yamaha under the cover.

Looking center.

Looking right.

Close up of the bench tools and welding table.  I made the light fixtures from scrap steel and vintage gas station signs.

I have some work space area off the main floor.

Close up of the work benches and desk space.  Above the desk is an automotive calendar in which my Cobra is "Miss March".

On the right side of the hangar is where I keep my assortment of aviation parts.  That's also where the sink and the restroom is located.

Left side of the hangar is mostly parts and raw materials storage.  The entire hangar is heated and I have access to music and HD TV as well.

I built a few things for the hangar while waiting for the kits to arrive.  You can see those things on the next page.