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 The wiring is plug-and-play.  Pretty simple to install.

Access to behind the panel is great.  It's wide open and easy to get to everything.

Right side is mostly map box.

Left-side and center.  The panel is painted the same color as the inside panels of my seat cushions.

Straight on.

Two things missing.  First will be a N-number plate to cover the openings to the right of the ELT controller.  This is where the intercom used to go but the new Garmin has a built-in intercom.  Van's sent me a new panel but I already had this one made up and painted so I will just cover the holes.  Second is the passenger warning sticker which goes on the right-side.

This finishes the instrument section.  Start to stop it only took 8 days to complete.  Now it's on to the last kit, the engine kit.