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The first step is to create molds that will be used to lay fiberglass cloth upon.  Step one is to create an outline of the part.

It's important that it fits around all the parts.  Once made, it can't be adjusted.

Once I was satisfied with the fit, I cut a left and right panel out of Maxxion board.

These were test fit on both sides.

Since the fuselage is curved, the forms must be curved as well to match the fuselage.

Two braces per side were cut and reinforced.

The bases are now ready for the foam shape of the desired side panels.

I initially laid out the shape of the ribs in the fuselage.  The finished side pieces must fit around these ribs.

Here is the finished side panel mold for the right side.

I laid up two plys of 9 oz. cloth over the molds.

The parts were removed from the mold and trimmed up.  It took many, many fittings to the fuselage to get all the right trims put in place.

Here is the panel test fit to the side.

The panels were embroidered and attached to the panels.

Installed in the cockpit.  These are just pressed into place.

Right and...


That completes the finish kit.  I do not plan to install the engine cowling until after the engine is installed to ensure a perfect match with the spinner.  Next step is the installation of the avionics kit.  That work can be found on the next page.